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I had to post this shit up again. I’m all about that #ThotLife WHERE MY THOT JUICE AT?!?!? This is how we kick back at Damatrix Studios. Next week on Block Billionaires radio:Reloaded its AWWWWW SHIT SATURDAY DANCE PARTY!!! Straight 90’s and early 2000’s party joints. I want all my DSN personalities to come thru and rock with us!!! We gonna talk about growing up during this era of music and the experiences we had. TURN UUUPPPPP!!! (at Damatrix Studios)

👉DOWNLOAD USTREAM IN YOUR ITUNES OR GOOGLE PLAY STORE NOW FOR BLOCK BILLIONAIRES RADIO:RELOADED LIVE STREAM👈 Tune in TODAY from 5-6 pm to see Block & Kalisie interview R&B singer Terrell “T-Rex” Simon. He has worked with NEYO, Life Jennings and a long list if other superstar singers!!! Let’s make this show a success!! Send your questions and comments in the chat room or follow us on Twitter @bbillionaires. TURNUPPPP!!!!!!! (at

Go to the itunes or google play store and download the #USTREAM APP because BLOCK BILLIONAIRES RADIO IS GETTING ITS BIGGEST GUEST YET!!! R&B Crooner T-Rex who has performed along side Ne-Yo, Life Jennings, Mario, Wyclef & R&B sensation Shalik will be in the studio this Saturday to give us an exclusive interview before he drops his new CD which promises to be an R&B classic. He has appeared on MTV’s Unplugged, late night and day time talk shows such as Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, and David Letterman and he will be in our studio this week!!! or download the Ustream App to see the show LIVE!!!!!

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